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A Practical Excel Training Course designed for You.

Excel from Beginners to Expert level - UK Certified - Live Chat Support as you Study.

The Complete Online Excel Course

 Excel Courses designed for You.

Since 2009,  between our  instructor led  and online Excel courses, we  have trained over 100,00 people  in the UK & Ireland.  From these years of experience , our team of trainers have created a practical  Excel course designed for you to succeed in your job.
Available for individuals and companies , our online excel course concentrates on the essential  Excel concepts, techniques, functions & formulas that  are needed  to succeed  in the real world office environment.

The course contain four Excel  levels: Beginners, Intermediate, advanced  and pivot tables.

You will get 10 hours of high definition videos with a practice workbook for each lesson and live chat support from our  Excel tutors as you study. This Excel  course mixes  essential  Excel  theory with practical examples of  real life Excel  tasks and calculations.

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Become the ' GoTo ' Excel Expert

in your Organization.

Our Online Excel course  covers  Excel from  absolute Beginners up to Expert Level.

  1. 1. You can replay  each video lesson again and again.
  2. 2. Download practice workbook for every video lesson.
  3. 3. Get instant support from our Excel Tutors on our Live Chat Support as you study.
  4. 4. Study what you need for your job as our course covers Microsoft Excel completely.
  5. 5.  Login anytime on your laptop, tablet or phone 24/7.
  6. 6.  Includes repeatable online tests: Download your Excel certificates immediately.
  7. 7.  Recognised by  major UK Professional bodies. 12 CPD Points.
  8. 8.  Keeps track of your course progress.
  9. 9.  Covers all Excel versions  2007, 2010 ,2013 and 2016.
  10. 10. Instant Access.
  11. 10. Full Money Back Guarantee


            How Long will it Take Me?

excel courses manchesterThe whole course contains  10 hours of video lessons.
Allowing for two hours of  practice for each hour of Video, you should master the whole course in about 32 hours.
Repeatable online Exams available at end of each level to get your Certificates.

Time to Master Each Level:

  Beginners Level:       2 hours of videos and 4 hours  of practice
  Intermediate Level:   3 hours of videos and 6 hours of practice
Advanced  Level:         3 hours of videos and 8 hours of practice
  Pivot Tables:               2 hours of videos and 4 hours of practice 

4  CPD points per level if required by your professional institute.

Certified by the UK CPD Standards office


         Group Online Course.

excel courses birminghamEmployers,  increase your employees  productivity  with our online Excel course.

  • 1.  You can track  the progress of your staff in real time from your desktop.
  • 2.  Suitable for all your staff as our course covers Excel from beginners to Advanced levels .
  • 3.  Each employee gets their own unique login.
  • 4.  Full expert email and live chat support  as they study the course.
  • 5.  All Login accounts and group administrator accounts set up for you.
  • 6.  Our Course is Web based so No  IT integration required.
  • 7.  You can test your employees progress with online assessments for each level. Certificates of completion and CPD points  available.

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Master the COUNTIF Function

In this Sample lesson from our course, you will learn  about the very important and useful Excel  function called the COUNTIF Function.

Learn how to build  and use it  with  some great examples of the function in use in real life situations.
In the course itself , you will be able to download the practice worksheet for this lesson and practice all that you have learnt.


Quick Video Tour of the Course

This five minute video will give you a quick overview of our online Excel course.

Learn about the four different Excel Levels and the topics available for each one.  Note the practice spreadsheets  available for each lesson, the four different  certification levels and  learn how to use the course to its maximum.

See  the full course syllabus here.



Video proof that Excel Training is Vital

Video proof that  Excel Training is  Vital
  In this video, you can watch a  ‘trained‘ and ‘untrained‘ Excel user tackling  a number of very important  yet common  Excel tasks. But notice the huge difference in time taken and effort expended. What would you have done ?...

Our Instructor Led Excel Courses

Our Instructor Led Excel Courses
Why not try our Instructor led blended  Excel Courses at our training rooms in the city of London. This combines a one day intensive customized instructor led course at either beginners, intermediate or advanced level and further post course Excel...

Our Latest Excel Calculations Book

Our Latest Excel Calculations Book
  Our 1,000+ page  Excel Reference book  which  explores  “625 Excel Calculations  with  Answers” is now  available as a bonus when you purchase the Online Course. It  contains hundreds of  calculation solutions with  formula  samples which you can adapt for...

Test Your Excel Skills Workbook

Test Your Excel Skills Workbook
Our unique  free ‘ Testing Excel Workbook’ requires you to complete seven Excel tasks. It will time and Auto-Correct your work and produce a personalized report of your performance in terms of efficiency and Excel knowledge. There are seven special...