How to Order: You can pay online or by Invoice

When you purchase 3 licences or more , we will reduce the price from £157 to £97 per licence.

For online payments, we use PayPal as our online  direct payment system. No Paypal account Needed.

Paying  By Invoice:
When  paying by  Invoice , please  contact us here


Setting up your Corporate Account..
After ordering, we will contact you seeking the  first name, last name and  email address for each student and for the Group Leader.
We will do everything else.
(Please note you don’t have to allocate all the accounts at the beginning. Accounts can be allocate by you at any time).

After receiving these details, an online course  for each student will be created  and their login will be sent to them directly.
A Group Leader  account will also be created ,allowing him/her  to  track each  student’s  progress.  All this will be done within 24 hours.

Contact Us:

Telephone: 0035314298724
Head Office Address: GEC Centre, Taylor’s lane , D8


202 Blackfriars Rd, Southwark, London SE1 8NJ

               Group Course:

£97 per license
(minimum order quantity: 3)