Online Excel Courses
For You or Your Team

Online Excel Courses
For You or Your Team

Online Excel Courses.

Learn Excel Online at your own Pace.

Since 2008, our instructors have trained thousands of people in Microsoft Excel.
From this experience, we created a practical online excel courses that concentrates on the essential Excel concepts, techniques & functions needed to quickly complete the tasks and calculations required in the real world UK office environment.

Our online excel courses are available for both individual’s, companies and universities.
Our Corporate version can handle from 3 to 1,00 users and has full tracking features to  monitor the progress of every user.

Try out our corporate Online Excel  Course with our  3 day Full Free Trial Click Here.

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Five Standalone Excel Courses in One.

Uniquely our online Excel course contains Five Excel courses  in the one package with  lifetime  ‘content  updated’ access.
It comes with
 12 hours of HD videos with a practice workbook for each lesson. Live Chat support  from our excel tutors  available as you study.  The course package contains ..

  1. Beginners  Excel
  2. Intermediate Excel
  3. Advanced Excel 
  4. Pivot tables. 
  5. Power Excel. 


 See the full course syllabus for our online Excel Courses  Click Here.

Become The Excel Guru in your WorkPlace.

Master Excel from absolute beginners to the most advanced tools like the DAX  language and Power Pivots.

You  also gives you ..

  •  Online exams for each Course level (that you can repeat).
  •  CPD accreditation for 16 Points. 
  •  Work at your own pace. Pause and rewind as often as you need.
  •  Live Excel chat support available every day as you study.
  • Covers all Excel versions  2010, 2013, 2016, 365 & 2019
  • Constantly updated with new lessons and for new versions of  Excel.  So it’s your online excel course for life.

Quick Video Tour of the Course.

This four minute video will give you a quick overview of the course.
Learn about the different Excel Course Levels  and topics within each course. Note the practice spreadsheets  available for each lesson, the different Certification levels and  learn how to use our Microsoft  excel courses for its maximum benefit.

To View Sample Video Lessons. Click Here.

How Long to Master Each Excel Course Level ?

The whole online excel course contains 12 hours of video lessons. Allowing for a minimum of one to two hour of practice for each hour of Video, you should master all the complete course with about  24-36 hours of study.
Repeatable online Exams available at end of each level to get your Certificates.  CPD points per level available for your professional institute requirements.
Certified by the UK CPD Standards office


  •   Beginners Level:           2 hours of videos
  •   Intermediate Level:      3 hours of videos
  •   Advanced  Level:           3 hours of videos
  •   Pivot Tables:                  2 hours of videos
  •   Power Excel                   2 Hours of videos

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What are my Team’s Actual Excel  Skills ?

Find out for Sure  in 20 Minutes.

Well our  ‘Free”  unique  ‘ Testing  Excel Workbook’  which requires you  or  your  staff  to complete  twelve practical ‘real life’  Excel  tasks on an  actual Microsoft Excel workbook.

The workbook   then times  and  auto-corrects your solutions ,  producing  a personalized report  showing your

  •  Efficiency  Rating.
  •  Excel Skill Grading
  • Highlights the areas  you are weak  in.

The Excel Testing workbook contains NO macros, so it’s safe to download and works on all versions of  Microsoft Excel from 2007  to Excel 365.

The workbook  is  FREE to download for  you , your staff  or students. To Learn more about the practical Excel tasks  that are tested for, Click Here.  

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Directly Download your Free  copies  of the  “Practical Excel Skills Test”  by Clicking Here

Online Excel Courses for your Team.

Try it out with our 3 Day Full Free Trial.

Team leaders, our ‘Worklplace’ Online Excel courses  will  explode your  team members’  Excel  productivity. Our Corporate /University version can handle from 3 to 1,000 users.

  •  You can track  the progress of your staff in real time from your desktop.
  •  Suitable for all skills  levels now and in the Future  as our online excel courses covers all skills levels  from absolute beginners to the very advanced Power Excel.
  •  Each employee gets their own unique login. 
  •  All Login accounts and group administrator accounts set up for you.
  •  The course is  Web based so No  IT integration required.
  •  You can test your employees progress with online assessments for each standalone  level. Certificates of completion and CPD points  available.
  • Lifetime ‘content  updated’  Licences  for each user.
  • Our course covers all Excel Versions from 2007 to Excel 365 & 2019.
  •  From  £97 per user. Payment can be by Invoice or Online.

.  Order Now or Test it out  with our 3 day Full Free Trial. Click  Free Trial

As Group Leader, you can track the progress of each user in real time:

  • What lessons they have done.
  • Time they spent on each lesson and  Excel  level.
  • Results of their online Excel assessments  and  certificates achieved.
  • You can create separate Teams with Team leaders who can track their own users.

Watch the video above to see it in operation.

Companies that Trust Our Online Excel Courses.

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What is accredited CPD Training?

Our online excel courses with certification is an accredited CPD course. This means the online Microsoft excel courses  have reached the required continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. Their  learning value has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality.[spacer height=”-8px” id=”2″]The CPD Certification standards body (  provides recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements. [spacer height=”-8px” id=”2″]All our online Microsoft excel courses with certification are CPD Certified and when you complete each course and its online exam, you obtain a ]number of CPD hours.

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