Transform your Employees’ Productivity in Excel


Our Online Excel Course for employees   “WorkPlace Excel ” covers Microsoft Excel from absolute beginners to advanced level including Pivot tables, so you can set learning targets for each employee  according to their job and needs.

You  can  track and measure the progress of  every  staff member in real time from your admin dashboard. It is easy to create  reports on each  employee’s  progress in terms of lessons completed and assessments passed .

With our high definition videos created by expert Excel trainers  where the  emphasis is  on everyday Excel tasks in the UK office environment,  your employees can quickly  increase their Excel skills and productivity.

The course is certified by the UK  CPD Standards office.

Why not try and test it out yourself with our ‘no obligation’ Full Free Trial. See below for details.

What is their Excel Level ?

excel testTired of  inaccurate multiple choice type exams.

Our  unique  ‘ Testing  Excel Workbook’   allows your  employees/students   complete  ten practical  Excel  tasks on an Excel workbook. It  times them  and  then Auto-Corrects their work ,  producing  a personalized report of  their  performance in terms of  their  efficiency  along with an  Excel  skill grading.

The workbook  is  FREE to download for  all your employees.  Read More

Watch a ‘trained‘ and ‘untrained‘ Excel user tackling common everyday Excel tasks. Notice the huge difference in time taken ?

A quick tour of the whole course.

Watch the lesson on the COUNTIF Function.

  • Great Productivity Savings for all your staff as they progress through the course.
  • You can monitor and measure the progress of your staff in real time and get daily reports on each employees progress.
  • Suitable for all your staff as our course covers Excel from beginners to Advanced levels including Pivot Tables.
  • Each employee gets their own unique logon username & password.
  • Full Expert Email  and live chat support  to all your employees as they study the course.
  • All Login accounts and group administrator account will be set up for you.
  • Our Course is Web based so No IT integration required.
  • You can Test your employees progress with online assessments for each level.Certificates of completion available for each of the four levels.
  • Costs from just £97 per employee for one year access.

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Measure Effectiveness

Measure your employees progress with tracking and online assessments. Employees can replay the videos again and again, if necessary.

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Productivity Increase

Each employee can save up to 30 minutes per day by being more efficient in Excel, that’s nearly 10 working days per year.

online excel tutors

No Installation headaches.

As a web based Excel training system, there’s no IT integration required and you don’t have to worry about organizing the training, as we will do everything for you.

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Save Money

Online training provides a cost effective alternative to traditional classroom based training, with no lost working days or travel expenses. Costs from just £97 per employee.

Three Day Free Trial.

Our 3 day free trial gives you full access to our online Excel e-learning system.

Try out

  • The lessons.
  • Try an online test.
  • Print a certificate of completion.
  • Test the tracking and monitoring features.