We have condensed the essence of Excel Syntax , Shortcuts, Functions & Customised Formulas – all onto a one page “high resolution” ,“fully expandable” download image. Ideal for printing or saving to Laptops, Tablets , Smart Phones for Immediate Reference.

In return for a link to our website , we can personalize this image for your website and social media channels , adding your details and logo . Designed by professional graphic artist using adobe illustrator for a high resolution fully expandable vector graphic.

Not only is this image by far the most popular download from our Excel Training sites and classes but it’s very VIRAL , especially in the office place – its sent to their work colleagues and friends. These friends then passing it on to their work colleagues.

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Solutions to Problems like:

  • Formula for creating a running total.
  • Formula to highlight values in range 1 but not in range 2 using Conditional Formatting.
  • Formula to give a unique identifier to similar records in list.
  • Important syntax like creating a Absolute Table column reference.
  • Top 25 Keyboard shortcuts in Excel
  • Formula to calculate and apply a % Increase.
  • Formula  to calculate percentage change.
  • Proper syntax for using dates in a conditional Functions
  • Why are certain errors happening and how to fix them
  • How to  use the XLOOKUP to return multiple columns or rows:
  • How to use XLOOKUP to get last occurrence of a value
  • Adding values that fall between two dates.
  • A Lookup formula that allows for new rows and columns to be added.
  • ..and hundred more solutions to similar problems.

Ideal for saving to your Laptop, Table or Smart Phone for Quick Reference.

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