Last update: Monday 25th  May 2015 :

See our new primer below on the uses of the INDIRECT Function and how it can add extra flexibility to your spreadsheets. Enjoy!!

del test of rectabgle

How to Prepare for and Pass an Excel Test.

How to Prepare for and Pass your Excel Test. With Microsoft Excel skills  vital for most  jobs now , many employers are  testing prospective employees  on their Excel skills with  interview questions or even doing sitting an  Excel tests . So what should a student know and how should they prepare for an Excel test. […]

We use Excel to Crunch 206,000 English League Football Results.

This is an example of the new powerful and flexible  tools available in Power Excel. Excel crunches 206,000 English League football results, showing the output via  a Power BI report. Power query was used to clean and join the tens of thousands of results . We used  the new DAX language to create  over 20  […]

Our Instructor Led Excel Courses

Why not try our Instructor led blended  Excel Courses at our training rooms in the city of London. This combines a one day intensive customized instructor led course at either beginners, intermediate or advanced level and further post course Excel learning through our online Excel Course. All courses are CPD certified and we can the […]

Our Latest Microsoft Excel Reference Book

Learn Excel Online Our 1,000+ page  Microsoft Excel Reference book  which  contains over   “625 Excel Questions and Calculations  with  Answers” is now  available to download for Free. It  contains hundreds of  answers to common Microsoft Excel questions, sample formulas  and calculation solutions  which you can adapt for your own use. Our Microsoft Excel Reference book  covers all […]